These Camping Survival Crocs Have Tons of Built-In Survival Tools

The U.K. company END is a global menswear retailer that has built a reputation for a collection of expertly curated luxury fashion, exclusive sportswear and streetwear, and emerging designers. The company has established relationships with more than 400 designers and brands and they make a point of targeting the new wave of consumers who are fashion-conscious and love to mix directional and innovative menswear. The company is always on the lookout for new ideas and products, and they love working with forward-thinking fashion websites, publications, and websites to help them promote their cool products.

Now, they’ve gone and come up with something that a guy like me can really appreciate. My wife was telling me just the other day that Crocs were back in style. When I told her I didn’t know they ever went out of style, she said that happened about 10 years ago. I told her then that I’m pleased to know the rest of the world has caught up with my sense of fashion. I fancy myself a wannabe outdoorsman, so when I saw these customized Crocs that END created, I got a royal case of FOMO (fear of missing out). They’re unfortunately sold out, which will probably keep me out of trouble with my wife.


However, let’s take a look at these bad boys. First of all, they’re very affordable at only £35, which is about $48. That’s not a bad price for all that they have to offer and they offer a lot. For one thing, the company’s Campsite Classic Clog comes with a waterproof sleeve that keeps the ankles nice and dry. Of course, you can remove the sleeve inserts, but who would want to do that? Not me. The Crocs also have tons of survival tools. For example, there is a flashlight, compass, paracord, and some other much-needed adornments if you’re going to be outside camping.


Basically, it’s a regular clog (or Croc) at the core, but with so many cool features. I know where my next paycheck is going.