7 Tips That Are Sure To Remove The Stinky Smells Around The House

It doesn’t matter who we are, where we live or what our station happens to be in life, there are certain problems that are inevitable. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you live in a home or an apartment, these issues are going to crop up from time to time. I’m not talking about something as serious as an illness, I’m talking about the smells that all of us have to deal with in our homes. Sometimes they can get so pungent that it is unpleasant just to be in the same room.

The problem is, it doesn’t matter how frequently we clean our home, and we can get rather serious about doing so, but some of the smelly odors are going to be persistent. It may even seem as if they are never going to go away! This is when many people tend to run to the grocery store and pick up some expensive odor remover products but in most cases, they are not going to do any good. In fact, they may even cause more harm by introducing dangerous chemicals to the household and that is something all of us want to avoid.

If you are interested in removing some of the smells from your home, the following 7 tips are going to help you to do it in the best way possible. Although it is certainly true that every home has a distinct smell, we want to make sure that it is pleasant and leaves our guests with a good perception of us and our ability to clean. When you use these seven hacks, you will find that people love coming to your home because it smells so great.

1. Soak up the Odor with a Slow Cooker

Don’t run out and get an artificial spray to try to clean the home, absorb them and remove them forever. This method uses items that you already have available.

Fill your slow cooker with water about halfway to the rim and add 3 tbsp. of baking soda.

Mix the ingredients and set the crockpot on low

Don’t put the lid on but allow the fluid to simmer and it will absorb the odors in the area. Make sure that you don’t allow the water to cook off.

You can also add cinnamon, lemon and other natural ingredients to add some sent.

2. Make Your Own Plug-In

If you use air fresheners, you don’t need to continue to buy the refills. You can simply make your own and save some money.

Remove the wick from the air freshener with pliers. Rinse if needed.

Fill the bulb to the halfway point with essential oil.

Add water to top it off but leave room to add the wick.

After inserting the wick, shake the bulb and plug it in.

3. Make Your Own Pet Odor Remover

Pets can be stinky but this easy solution is inexpensive and effective.

Grab a spray bottle and add two parts of water and one part of mouthwash, preferably Listerine.

Spray the area to clean the odor.

4. Use Downy Unstoppables As Air Freshener

This DIY project does more than make your house smell good, it makes it look good.

Grab your supplies, including a small Mason jar, toothpick, baking soda, burlap and Downy Unstoppables.

Cut the burlap in the square to fit over the Mason jar lid.

Filled jars one fourth full with baking soda.

Add a 1/4 cap of downy unstoppables

Put the burlap over the top of the jar and add the outer ring. If using craft paper, poke holes with a toothpick.

You can see the full tutorial here.

5. Remove Musty Refrigerator Odors

If you have some furniture that has started to smell, you can use vinegar to remedy the situation.

Mix vinegar and water equally in a bowl.

Spread the solution on the musty furniture with a soft cloth and allow it to dry.

You can also spray the solution on the furniture using a spray bottle.

6. Use a Teabag

You can use a teabag to absorb odors. Hang some in the closet and enjoy the fresh scent.

7. Make a Fabric Spray

Your furniture fabric can become unpleasant when it absorbs odors. Use this easy solution.

Grab a spray bottle and fill it with water, 1 tbsp. of baking soda and a few drops of essential oil.

Shake the liquid and spray at will.

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H/T: HomeHacks