Here’s How to Crochet Reusable Swiffer Sweeper and Mop Refills

Does anyone love cleaning their house? I guess there are people out there who enjoy cleaning, but I think it’s safe to say that most people would prefer to be spending their time doing other things. When it comes to housekeeping, I’m not exactly an expert, but one thing I’ve learned to really dislike is cleaning floors. It’s backbreaking work and the most dreaded chore in our household. First, you have to sweep, then you have to mop. Unless you have some good cleaning tools, the mopping is the worst chore there is. However, one tool has emerged in recent years that’s a game-changer: the Swiffer.

If you use a Swiffer, you know what I mean. It was really a revolutionary tool and plenty of copycats have been created, too. One day I saw my wife was using the Swiffer to mop, but she had a microfiber cloth on the tool instead of one of the expensive wipes you buy to use with it. I asked her what she was using that rag for and she told me we were out of the wet wipes. That got me to wondering if anyone has made a reusable option. Sure enough, like most of my good ideas, I was late to the game. There are tons of reusable options out there, and the great news is that if you can crochet, you can make them yourself.


It’s not just about saving money. It’s also about sustainability and investing in products that can be used more than once. We’re all in this together trying to save the earth, so why not use a sustainable option if it’s possible? There’s a great video I found that shows you how to make these amazing sweeper and wet mop pads, and you can even buy patterns on Etsy if you want something a little fancier.

Watch the video below for instructions on how to make this. The folks who made the video also have a free pattern with instructions online. You can get that here.