Why Bathroom Wet Wipes In Your Washing Machine Could Be Ultimate Weapon Against Lint

In life, there is no such thing as a “shortcut” to success. But there are more ingenious ways to do something (also known as hacks) that can make your efforts more efficient. Did you know that the average person will spend around four hours every week doing their laundry? While today’s washing machines do a fantastic job, you can improve your machine’s results while saving tons of time using a simple life hack.

This trick comes in handy if you have pets or just lots of dark clothing. The only thing you need to do is throw a wet wipe in the washing machine just before tossing in your dirty clothes, then sit back and wait.

Now, the fine folks at Bright Side were very skeptical when they heard about this hack, so they tried it themselves and were pleasantly surprised to see how well it worked!

Say Goodbye to Lint

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The wet wipes were able to remove most of the hair and lint from their clothes. The wipes work as an absorber that picks up small pieces of lint, hair, and fur. All of these particles mostly end up on the wet wipes.

As a result, clothes come out much cleaner, which means you don’t have to worry about spending minutes going over them with a lint brush when they come out of the dryer!

Here’s how to do it the right way

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First, you don’t want to use any more than three wet wipes. Please put them in the machine before throwing in your clothes. Then when the drum begins rotating, the wipes will get mixed in with your clothes and start collecting any hair, lint, or fur. Of course, you’ll need to change wipes after each washing.

You Want to Use Dense Wipes (Non-Flushable)

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Your wet wipes need to be nice and strong, so they don’t tear up inside the washer. To test them, try riping one up. If it proves difficult to tear, then you’ve got the suitable wipes for the job.

Fabric and Paper Won’t Work

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Forget about trying to substitute wet wipes for fabric or paper. Paper isn’t firm enough, and you’ll just wind up having to clean small pieces of it off your clothing. And fabric won’t do anything at all.

Remember to Remove the Scent

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Unless you’re really into the smell of baby wipes, you might want to remove their scent while in the wash. Otherwise, your clothes will absorb the smell of the baby wipes. You’ll want to pick wipes that are antibacterial or unscented. And if you have a fabric softener, you can use it to get rid of the scent as well.

Below you can watch a video about how this trick works.

Have you tried this hack? How did it work for you? Be sure to let us know, and also, please pass this story along to your friends and family.