Officer Shares How To Spot ATM Skimming Devices

We live in a world where technology rules the day. We often take advantage of it in ways that we don’t even realize. Yes, we have our smartphones that we carry with us so we can stay connected with family and friends or perhaps even play a game to pass the time. Technology extends much further than our computers, however, and it passes over into how we pay for what we consume as well. That is where the danger often lies.

With technology often comes problems and for those who pay for anything at an ATM or through a credit card terminal, special care needs to be taken. That is because of the possibility of skimming devices, as well as other technology that will steal your credit card information and do it before you even knew what happened. It is possible for someone to attach one of these devices to an ATM and it makes it look just like a regular card reader. When you swipe your card or insert it, your number has been compromised.

These scammers are becoming so common that more and more people are getting taken every day. When you learn a little bit more about these devices, however, it can protect you from this problem. That is what this police department is determined to do. They want to give you information about skimming devices so you can protect your credit card.

First of all, they go to an ATM machine that had a skimmer attached to it. You will see firsthand how the device is able to be placed on the ATM and what it will look like to you. The problem is, they are so sophisticated that it is really easy to fool even the most discriminative eye. They will even post cameras on the machine so that they can get your pin and use your debit card.

We hear about identity theft on a daily basis. It’s in the news and on social media. It’s time for us to fight back and to know how to protect ourselves. Use these warnings to take extra care when using your credit card in public. You can never be too careful and you just never know who might be watching.

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