How to Create a Wire Coat Hanger Wreath That Puts Store-Bought Decorations to Shame

It’s almost Christmas time, and folks are just raring to get started on decorating their homes! However, you don’t need to spend a lot of dough this year on fancy door wreaths when you can make your own at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, it can put your neighbors’ store-bought door wreaths to shame! Using an everyday wire coat hanger and a couple of cheap ornaments from a dollar store, you can design a Christmas door wreath masterpiece in just a few minutes!

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Dave Hax hows us how to make beautiful wreaths using a simple wire hanger (of which we’ve all got a few hanging in our closets, right?).

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If you don’t have any wire hangers, you can easily find them at a dollar store, or your local dry cleaners might donate a few.

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The main trick to this easy DIY Christmas wreath is making sure you untwist the twisted part of the hanger (just below the hook).

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You can then start slipping your favorite ornaments onto the hanger!

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Now, to make a super, decked-out Christmas wreath, here’s what you’ll need.


  • Wire coat hanger
  • tinsel
  • Ornaments
  • Ribbon
  • Clear tape


First, untwist the wire hanger, then using your hands or a pair of players, mold the wire until you have a circle. This will serve as the core of your snazzy DIY wreath.

Next, start sliding your ornaments onto the wreath by looping on your hanger using the loops at the top of the ornaments. If you’re using different sizes and colored ornaments, you may want to mix things up. You can also use clear tape to hold the end ornament so it doesn’t slide (that can get annoying).

Once your wreath is filled with ornaments, just twist the ends of the wire hanger back into place to connect your wrath. Next, wrap a bit of tinsel around your wreath to give it some extra sparkle!

You can also use some ribbon to create a lovely decorative bow near the top center of your wreath.

Finally, just hang your wreath using the hook on the hanger or snap it off with a wire cutter and use a piece of ribbon to hang it up instead.

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Here’s Dave Hax’s video with step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own wire coat hanger Christmas wreath.

Now, you can show off your crafting skills with pride as your neighbors “oooh and aaaah” with envy. Be sure to pass this handy story along to your friends and family.