Mom Takes A Common Baby Wipe Container And Transforms It Into Something Fantastic

We could all probably agree that mothers are capable of accomplishing some pretty amazing things. They are the ones that seem to be able to multi-task and if they are thrown into the middle of an emergency that involves their family, they will fight like a mother bear to ensure that everyone comes out safe. We often look to mothers for the protection and assistance that we need for a variety of things in life. It seems as if that ability translates into more than simply looking out for their family, they also tend to have a great streak of imagination as well.
When was the last time you were the recipient of a mother’s imagination? Perhaps we can think of a time when they were able to get us out of a bind that seemed almost impossible to overcome. There have also likely been times when they were there for us in some difficult situations that could have even involved our health and safety. When you see what this page has to offer, you will also recognize that they are fully capable of taking something as ordinary as a baby wipe container and making something incredible out of it.

When we are parents, we often find ourselves going through plenty of baby wipes, especially when our children are younger. Rather than simply tossing them to the curb, you can turn them into some rather amazing and useful items. The projects you see below are within any of our reaches and you can begin as soon as you have an empty container (which is likely now).

1. Store Card Games

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to lose pieces of card games? It starts out ok but before you know it, you are dealing with a deck of 51 cards. Fortunately, the empty container makes the perfect place to store those small pieces when you aren’t playing with them.

Clean up the boxes and print out labels to keep the games in one place.

2. Store Crayons

When you have children, it is always arts and crafts time. This can mean a real mess around the home.

Grab some Mod Podge and a foam brush. Coat the outside of the box and then put black fabric over the glue. Full instructions are avalable here.

Get creative once the glue dries

3. Make Your Own Lunch Box

Most people consider baby wipe containers to be rather small but they have a lot of room inside. When you have smaller children, it is possible to take the container and make a neat little lunchbox.

4. Snack box

Just like the lunchbox above, you can use an empty container to create your own snack box. This is perfect for keeping things organized around the home or for a long road trip.

5. Store your yarn

When you have an empty baby wipe container available, you have a great place to store your extra yarn. The yarn can go inside of the container and the end of it can come out of the opening. Not only does it keep your yarn neat and in place, it also helps to control how much of it you are using.

6. Lego boxes

This will may take some work but it is a lot of fun to create. Your kids can store their Legos inside and even build on the lid. Gather the following materials:

Empty container
Lego board
utility knife
cutting mat

You can find the instructions here.

7. First-aid supplies

It’s always a good idea to have some first-aid supplies on hand but if they aren’t in an area where you can find them quickly, they won’t do you much good. Fortunately, an empty baby wipe container box is the perfect place to keep all of your first-aid supplies.

Simply empty the box and then decide what you are going to put inside. You can read more about it here.

A larger box will allow you to fit everything inside. Make sure that you pack it neatly.

8. Alphabet monster

Not only do you use an empty container for this project, you use some bottle caps as well. Just glue some paper on the top of each And then write a letter on it.

It will create an amusing game that helps your children learn how to spell. Full instructions can be found here.

9. Organize your dressers

We tend to store a lot in our dresser drawers and they get messy quickly. Organizing them can be a chore but when you partition things with empty baby wipe containers, it keeps things neat and in their place.

10. Battery storage

Don’t store new batteries in a drawer, it can be messy and can even pose a fire hazard. Store your new batteries in an empty baby wipe container and you always know where to find them.

11. DIY wipes

Have you ever run out of baby wipes? It is easy to create your own by simply putting a roll of toilet paper in a baby wipe container. You can find the full instructions here.

Run the makeshift baby wipes through the top and you will be good to go.

12. Start your seeds

Do you enjoy gardening? It doesn’t matter if you have a large garden outside or if you just like growing something on the windowsill, you can start the seeds in a repurposed baby wipe container.

Put some stones in the bottom and then put soil on top.

Push the seeds in and provide plenty of water and sunlight. It won’t be long before you have your own little garden growing. You can read more about it here.

This video will also show you a fun craft:

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