How To Upcycle Your Trampoline Into A Cozy Bed Swing

Although we have many options when it comes to fun things to have in our backyards, most children would tell you that trampolines are at the top of the list. They are absolutely fun, providing hours of entertainment and a lot of physical activity as well. Some people even take things to the next level, using the trampoline to perfect their skills, to lose weight or to simply have a lot of fun.

Something else that is enjoyable is a good DIY project. Why not blend the two of them together and make your trampoline an even more enjoyable part of the yard. Yes, trampolines are a lot of fun and many people have them but unfortunately, they can also be pushed off to the side and not used for quite some time. If you have an old trampoline and are wondering what to do with it, you can upcycle them and make them into a DIY bed swing. Not only are they trending, they are wonderful.

You don’t have to have a large trampoline in order to make a DIY bed swing, you can even create a swinging chair out of a smaller exercise trampoline.

Here are the instructions:

1. Remove the trampoline’s legs, so you’re only left with the circular metal frame, black mat, and springs.
2. Cover the metal frame with pool noodles by slicing down one side of the foam noodle and popping it around the frame.
3. Use spray glue to stick pretty fabric around the pool noodle (or use white noodles).
4. Wrap ropes with a high-tensile strength around the entire newly padded metal frame.
5. Loop rope string to hang the swing from everywhere there is a leg on your trampoline. (Hint: leave an opening so you can get in the swing-one leg opening on small trampoline will do).
6. Hang it somewhere reliable-like a tree, a pergola, or even (if you’re qualified) build yourself a frame from which it can swing.
7. Add a papasan cushion to the smaller trampolines or cover a bigger one with memory foam or cushions and a sheet. Decorate with pillows and voila!

H/T: Delish