She Used 7,500 Pennies To Create A Beautiful Mosaic Tile Floor

Are you the type of person that enjoys some DIY activities? It doesn’t matter if it is making a scrapbook or redecorating the house, DIY gives us the opportunity to do things ourselves.

For some people, a DIY activity is an opportunity to really shine. We could always simply color in the lines and go with something simple but if we take things that the next level by really coming out of our creative shell, it can make an amazing difference in our home.

It isn’t only us and our family who get to appreciate our DIY skills. Thanks to the Internet and social media, we can share what we have done with thousands of others by only clicking a few buttons.

Perhaps that is why you will appreciate what these creative individuals were able to do. For example, Kat Von D posted the pictures below on Facebook that show a tile floor.

It isn’t actual tiles that were used to create the beautiful floor that you see, it was simple copper pennies. That’s right, she gathered 28,928 pennies and use them on the floor to create something epic.

It certainly is amazing that she was able to do this. What is perhaps even more amazing is the fact that she created something that beautiful for only $289.28 worth of pennies.

As it turns out, Kat was not the first person to do this type of project. There was a woman named Kelly Graham who managed to put down a floor of pennies about five years before Kat did.

When Kelly put down this floor and posted it to Facebook in 2015, she had just the reaction she wanted. As it turns out, she had her own jewelry design service on Facebook and her business page blew up when the post went viral.

More than 233,000 people have shared the post at this point and tens of thousands of people have given it a thumbs up. They are simply in amazement at how she is able to create something so interesting by only using old pennies.

In order to create this mosaic, she used about 7,500 pennies. I don’t know about you, but I would have a difficult time finding anything that looked that good for only $75!

She used grout to connect the pennies to the floor so there is no problem with slipping or falling. I’m sure that they also feel fantastic under their feet.

She worked with pennies in order to create this interesting mosaic, but it wasn’t the first time she tried. She had created a mosaic around her fireplace the year before using pennies as well.

How long did it take her to do the penny mosaic floor? All in all, the project took three weeks.

It isn’t just the fact that she created something this beautiful, she also said that she put all of the heads in the same direction. Perhaps she suffers from a little OCD.

This is an interesting project and perhaps something that you may be interested in trying as well. Why not start gathering some pennies now and before you know it, you can put down your own floor.