Finally, a Pair of Socks That Has an Intentional Hole in the Big Toe

Do you have a favorite brand of socks or do you just wear whatever you find that looks good and fits well? I love a brand called World’s Softest Socks. They’re super comfortable and durable, so now my wife watches for sales and buys those for me every time they go on sale. Hilariously, she once bought me purple and green ones because only those colors were on sale. I told her that was totally fine. After all, I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana, and purple and green are Mardi Gras colors. Also, having different colors of socks can make getting dressed a little more interesting, I guess.

However, my wife is different from me. She has ONE sock that she loves. My wife also found her socks at the same company, but it’s not their usual sock that she buys for me. She actually bought them by mistake and ended up falling in love with them, so she kept them for herself. My wife is the type of person who buys several of something if she finds something she likes. Her thinking is that it’s just her luck that if she likes something, the company will stop making it. Because of this unusual way of thinking, she bought about 15 pairs of these socks she fell in love with.


It’s a good thing she did because sure enough, the company stopped making them. She was set for a while because she has so many pairs, but now, here we are a few years down the road and she’s had to slowly start throwing her socks away as they develop holes in the big toe. That’s always where a hole develops, isn’t it? Well, a Japanese company called ekoD Works has decided to do something about that problem. A designer named Fukuzawa Takayuki observed that people were always throwing away their socks because a hole would develop9 in the big toe.


This will slowly have an effect on the environment, of course, so Fukuzawa created his sock with an intentional hole in the big toe area. It serves to provide added durability to the socks. They’re called SDGsocks, or “sakippo-wo-dasu-style-no Goriteki-na socks,” which translates to “the rational ‘moving forward’ style socks.” We’re fans! For more information, check out their website.