You Can Now Buy Your Own Pair Of Croc Gloves

Do you follow the latest fashion trends? I’m not necessarily talking about going along with them and changing the way you look or dress, that would be a difficult thing to do. After all, things change so quickly that we would become overwhelmed with trying to keep up. It’s enough just to watch it happening in front of us and seeing what the latest thing to come out this week happens to be. Then again, every once in a while, we see something that captures our attention. It might not make us change the way we look or dress but it might put a smile on our face.

One of the trends that many of us have gotten caught up in over the years has to do with footwear. From the most comfortable shoe choices to the most outrageous, they come and go very quickly. Sometimes, those trends come around and they stick for a while. that is the case with one particular type of footwear that we likely have in our closet if we don’t have them on our feet. They are casual but we still wear them on almost any occasion we can. I’m talking about Crocs and most of us would agree that they are amazing.

Crocs are a comfortable shoe that we can wear when we feel like looking good and feeling good. There are many different trends available in crocs, including the platform shoes that you see below. These are also comfortable but they are perhaps more of a trend that comes and goes.

We now also have another option when it comes to wearing Crocs and it doesn’t have anything to do with our feet. They are gloves that you wear on your hands and they resemble the comfortable footwear that so many of us love. Wearing them can show your love of Crocs but at the same time, it might not be all that nice from a practical standpoint.

Many of us will either be sporting a pair of these gloves or avoiding them while they are still trending. You should let people know now, just in case they are planning on giving you a pair as a gift.

The Croc gloves are still prototypes, so you are not going to find them on the shelves at your local Target anytime soon. For now, they are just being printed in a garage on a 3D printer.

Yes, they are pointless, to say the least. Also, if you wear them in public, you might just lose some coolness points or even worse, have to hand in your man-card.

Trends come and go. Let’s just hope this one goes and keeps going.

Source: 22 Words