Coffee Filter Hack May Help You Keep Plants Alive Longer

Because we have cats, I don’t have houseplants. I’m so nervous about a cat nibbling on some beautiful but poisonous leaves. However, my mom has some houseplants, so when I saw this amazing gardening hack, I knew she would love it. When you have plants in your living space, it adds a vibrancy to your rooms. It’s not that hard to keep a plant alive, but plants are living things that do require time and attention. So when you find a hack that can help you not kill your plants, it’s a good thing. When you line your flower pots with a coffee filter, it’s amazing.

First of all, the coffee filter allows water to pass through but not dirt, so you can avoid those small plant-related messes. The water simply passes through the pot’s drain hole. The good thing about this is that when you use a coffee filter, you don’t have to worry about dirt clogging the drain hole, which leads to root rot, one of the main plant killers. Some folks have had success putting rocks in the bottom of the pots, but a coffee filter is a lot easier and makes a lot of sense. Also, coffee filters take up a lot less room, so there’s more room for plenty of soil for your plants.


Another bonus is that coffee filters hold moisture because they’re absorbent. Therefore, they’ll retain moisture from every watering, but it’s not enough to cause root rot. When you transplant your plants, it will be a lot less messy for you and your plant. Just keep the filter with you when you transplant your plants, but be sure to add a new coffee filter to the pot first.

Growing green things is very rewarding, and anytime we find a good tip for making it easier for both us and the plants, we love to pass it along.

Image: Pixabay