9 Different Types Of Pain Linked Directly To Emotional States

When a thought or feeling goes through your mind it is not only something that is a mental part of our body, it can also affect us physically as well. In fact, anything that we think, feel or imagine is going to have a physical impact in some way or another on our body. That is because the body is constantly releasing chemicals due to our mood and how we are feeling. Some of them are feel-good chemicals and others make us anxious.

When it comes to positive and negative thoughts, we need to understand more about those experiences and the impact that they have on us as an individual. As an example, if somebody is waiting in line to get coffee and somebody cuts in front of them, it is going to evoke a reaction.

It is obvious that the person who is waiting will get upset and they will start a pattern of negative thinking that will impact them for the rest of the day. That is why they end up in a bad mood and they just can’t escape those negative thoughts.

What if the individual decided to accept that the other person cut them off and they go about their day without worrying about it? The individual wouldn’t be giving in to negative thoughts and the negativity wouldn’t dominate their day. Was it really a negative experience or do we only define it as negative or positive?

If you’re interested in feeling better, sleeping better and experiencing less stress, there is a way to do it. It has to do with how the mind influences the body and it is not always the most apparent thing.

When we are a positive individual and have that type of attitude, we are often able to resolve inner problems easier. We tend to be happy and live a healthy life.

The same can also be said for those who have a negative outlook. When we experience those self-destructive thoughts on an ongoing basis it is going to lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Every emotion that we experience gets stored in our cellular memory. That is why we will often have those unresolved issues cropping up in our life until we are able to overcome them completely.

When you have a lot of tightness or muscle pain throughout the body it is not always due to physical activity. It is your body talking to you. It may be a sign that you want to resolve some issues and that you are looking for inner peace.

The best thing that you can do is to stay aligned with your inner thoughts and to perceive the negative and positive experiences you have in life. Don’t just jump from one emotion to another, step back and see what you can learn from the experience.

You may need to observe more than react but if you maintain control, you will find that you are much better off as a result. The following 9 different types of pain may be caused by negative emotions.

1. Head pain

When you have headaches and other types of head pain it can be caused by stress. Give yourself time to relax and ease the stress away.

2. Neck pain

When you have pain in the neck, you may not be able to forgive others or yourself. You need to consider how you feel about people and resolve those problems.

3. Shoulder pain

If you’re carrying an emotional burden it may be weighing on you heavily. A could lead to shoulder pain but when you resolve those issues proactively, it can take some of the burdens off of your shoulders.

4. Upper back pain

When your upper back hurts it means you need additional emotional support. You may not feel very loved and you might feel unwanted. Perhaps it’s time to go out and get social.

5. Lower back pain

If you have lower back pain you are probably worried about money. You may need to step up to the plate and get a financial planner to get out of financial problems.

6. Elbow pain

When you have elbow pain, stiff arms or other issues in that area it is an indication that you are stiff in the way you live life. Try shaking things up a little.

7. Hand pain

You may not be reaching out to others in the way you would like. Try making some new friends or connections.

8. Hip pain

If you are worried about moving, it could lead to a sore hip. Try to be cautious but not overly cautious when it comes to making decisions.

9. Knee pain

This could be a sign that you have a big ego and that you are thinking a little too highly of yourself. It’s time to do some volunteering and try to remain humble.