Get Rid Of Bronchitis And Coughing With Bananas, Honey and Water

Many of us look forward to the colder weather and by the time fall arrives, we are ready to say goodbye to the heat. Unfortunately, there are some things that might come along with the heat that we would want to avoid. One of those problems is coughing and for some of us, it is an issue that we might have from autumn through till the spring. It tends to sneak up on us and sometimes, it can even become a chronic issue. That is especially true if you have other health problems, live in a city with smog or if you smoke.

When most people have a cough, it is not because they are experiencing an outside issue. In fact, in many cases, it is just our body doing what it does best. Coughing is the natural way that your body is cleansing the respiratory system. It is an involuntary action and when you have a cough, it is a clear sign that your body is trying to tell you something.

Then again, some people have a cough because they do have an underlying health problem. It could be a bacterial infection or perhaps a common cold or the flu. Any type of irritant that enters the lungs can cause coughing and we often react to it in the same way. At the first sign of a persistent cough, we head straight to the pharmacy or to our doctor to look for a cure. Unfortunately, medical science does not have a cure, they only treat the symptom.

In fact, research has shown that the treatments we find in the form of pills and syrups from the drug store really don’t do anything to help relieve a cough. Some of they may offer a placebo effect and those drug companies are getting rich from them.

Sometimes, you need to look beyond the bottles of syrup and try something natural. It can really help. Of course, if you have a persistent or recurring cough that just won’t go away, you should visit your doctor. Otherwise, you should try this natural treatment:

Homemade Banana Cough Cream


2 ripe organic bananas (look for spots).
2 tablespoons of raw organic honey.
400 milliliters of water.


First, start boiling the water
As you wait, mash the peeled potatoes in a large bowl. For optimal results, use a large wooden spoon.
Add the boiling water to the bowl
Cover and let it sit for half an hour
When cool, add the organic honey and mix well


Take 100 ml of this cough cream 4 times daily. Heat it up a little bit before you eat it!

How does it work?

This remedy helps your body to cure itself by getting rid of the cause of the cough. In addition, bananas help raise your serotonin levels, so if you have a nighttime cough, they can help you to sleep.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me!