Neuroscientists Recommend Visiting The Beach For These 5 Reasons

Many of us would agree that going on vacation always makes us feel a little bit better. We tend to spend all of our time slaving away at work and sometimes, we just need a break. You already realize that you need a good vacation so why not head to the beach? As it turns out, it’s not only a fantastic place to take a break, neurologists are saying that it can be good for you for very specific reasons.

Why is it that you enjoy being at the beach? For many of us, it is dipping our feet in the water and feeling the sand between our toes. There’s just something about sitting on the shore and watching the waves in front of us that is very peaceful. Scientists are now backing up the fact that we need to spend more time at the beach. You are probably thinking yourself, I don’t really need permission to go but when you find out what it can do for you, you will be packing your bags.

1. Stress – The smells and sounds of the ocean lower cortisol levels in the body and that reduces stress. Taking a deep breath helps to get minerals that fight stress and it is something you have to experience to understand.

2. Depression symptoms – The salt air you are breathing at the ocean has a lot of negative ions. They help to balance the chemicals in the brain that could lead to depression. People who are exposed to negative ions have been found to be happier and have lower rates of anxiety.

3. Creativity – When you sit on the shore and stare out at the horizon, it really allows you to fuel your imagination with creativity. Being stuck in a cubicle and worrying about our day-to-day jobs has the opposite effect.

4. Focus – As it turns out, the negative ions also help to boost your mental alertness and focus. You will find that your mind is sharper when you breathe at the ocean.

5. Relax – One of the biggest benefits of being at the ocean is the fact that it has a calming effect on the body and the brain. In fact, being near the seawater has been shown to have an effect on your brain waves. If at all possible, get out on the water and float a little while. It can really make a difference.

If you haven’t yet booked your vacation to go to the beach, you will want to do that right away. Just take some time to do some ocean therapy and before you know it, you will be