Scientific Research Says Yelling At Kids Too Much Causes Depression And Anxiety

All parents have one thing in common and it isn’t always something that they are proud of. We try our best to keep our cool whenever we are dealing with our children but sometimes, we lose our cool and we may yell at them. Doing so every once in a while is not necessarily the end of the world but if you find that you are yelling at your kids on a constant basis, you really need to rethink your parenting strategy. Why is that the case?

There is some benefit to taking a deep breath when you are dealing with your children. Take the time to chill out before you speak to them because it does make a difference. In fact, scientific research is now saying that yelling at kids too often can cause them to suffer anxiety and depression. Certainly, those are moods that we would never want to impose on our children.

The best thing you can do with your kids if things get out of control is to calm down to the best of your ability and have a normal conversation with them. Use a calm voice to tell them what they did wrong and that they should not do it again. You should also tell them what they should do in such a situation. There is also benefit to adding some humor to the conversation but if you do yell every once in a while, it may be beneficial because sometimes you do need to shock them into not doing something again.

In other words, you need to have a proper balance when it comes to dealing with your kids. Talking to them in a calm voice when they are in trouble most times is beneficial but if they are in a dangerous situation, yelling may sometimes be necessary.

Not only is it possible to cause anxiety and depression if you yell frequently, but it can also cause them to expect others to yell on a regular basis. They may end up thinking it is normal to do so and that might yell at their children in the same way. That is not a legacy that you want to leave with them.