Scientific Study Shows That Intelligent People Drink More Than Other People

There are plenty of people who enjoy a drink every once in a while but did you ever stop to think about what it says in regards to their intelligence? You might be surprised to learn that there has been a study linked to that very subject. According to the results of the study, there is something bizarre that is happening under the surface. It turns out that individuals who are more intelligent are also more likely to consume additional alcohol compared to those who are less intelligent.

It is important to understand a little bit about what is taking place behind this hypothesis. Drinking alcohol in the way that we do so today is perhaps not something that has happened since humans have been around in the earliest days. Those early humans may have gotten drunk but the creation of alcohol actually occurred at a later time.

According to some estimates, alcoholic beverages did not come about until after the age of agriculture. In other words, alcohol may not have been consumed prior to 6,000 years ago. Even at that point, alcoholic beverages were somewhat of a novelty and only the elite had access to them, so it was likely limited to individuals who were more educated.

Archaeologists have uncovered some evidence of alcohol production that began about 6000 years ago. This occurred in ancient Mesopotamia. Distilled spirits came about later, approximately 1300 years ago. That discovery was in China and it is thought that intelligent individuals were behind both the creation and the consumption of distilled alcoholic beverages.

According to that study, childhood intelligence and alcohol consumption were closely linked. Smarter children were more likely to grow up in a household where alcohol was available.

Aside from the fact that the study shows these factors, you can also consider the lifestyle of those individuals. As lifestyles developed in societies that were more and more complex, there became a division in a population over labor.

Binge drinking was also associated with ancient royalty in the Roman Empire and other kingdoms. They had access to larger amounts of available wine and intoxicating spirits that were consumed during various feasts.

Intelligent people are also engaged in various mental activities. They tend to spend more time with their thoughts and are idea-oriented. As they are busy discussing new ideas, the alcohol often helps to lower inhibitions so that discussion can flow.

A number of examples of highly intelligent individuals who were also creative were known to drink a lot of alcohol throughout history. Alcohol does help to boost creativity in those individuals but a highly intelligent person was also leaning in that direction.

Individuals who are intelligent also tend to be more secluded than others. They may have to rely on alcohol to assist with overcoming anxiety or stress associated with their work. In reality, alcohol does not achieve that purpose.

Many people who are highly intelligent are also less social and they may not be as comfortable around others. They tend to congregate in small groups but if they do have to be in a larger crowd, they may consume alcohol to give them liquid strength.

The media has also proven to be a tool in this regard. They often show individuals who are engaged in the consumption of alcohol as being a part of a culture that was more sophisticated.

Some people who had a lower intelligence may have consumed alcohol because they needed to cope with intellectual problems. Whether or not that is true has yet to be determined.

In any case, there are many factors associated with the consumption of alcohol and intelligence seems to be one of them. It may make you more inclined to drink alcohol but other factors may push you away. In the end, it is your choice.

There is not any proof that intelligence is strictly associated with those who consume alcohol. A higher level of alcohol consumption, however, has been proven to harm personalities and general health.

At the end of the day, consuming alcohol can be something that seriously affects your mental and physical well-being. This article is not meant to condone or encourage alcohol-related behavior, nor is it here to keep you from drinking. It is up to your discretion.