Scientists Say That Your Sister Makes You A Better Person

When you have a sibling in your life, you know that they can be an annoyance every once in a while. Many of us experience this from the time we are very young and even when we get older, they may get under our skin from time to time. Through it all, however, we recognize that they are often our first best friend and we continue to be very close until the day that we die.

Of course, when you are brought up with sisters, it doesn’t always mean that everything is going to be sweet the entire time. Sometimes, you will fight, scream and perhaps even slap each other over everything from clothing to boys and the attention from your parents. Most of us would probably not consider our sisters to be amazing when we are younger but when we get older, we appreciate them for exactly what they are. They teach us a lot about life and we appreciated from that time forward.

Would it surprise you to learn that having a sister may mean more than simply having somebody that you share genetics with? A study was published in The Journal of Family Psychology that showed a sister promoted a positive on the overall health of other siblings. 400 families with multiple siblings were surveyed and the results showed that having sisters had a lot of positive qualities.

According to the research, when we have a sister in our life, we are better able to communicate, empathize and resolve conflicts. It turns out that they were better at talking about their problems. Boys who have sisters also tend to benefit and have better communication skills with women. When the parents pass away, sisters tend to keep the family together.

If you have a sister, try to look beyond the fact that they get on your nerves sometimes. Tell them you love them and let them know that science shows they have helped you in life.