Many People Think That RH Negative Blood Types Come From Aliens

Did you ever have anyone say that you were ‘out of this world’? If you have Rh-negative blood, you may be closer to that reality than you thought possible. In fact, there is a theory going around that individuals who have an Rh-negative blood type are descended from aliens. It sounds cool, but then again, how can you really know about your ancestors when they are ET? Let’s take a look at a little bit of what is behind this theory before we go any further.

There are four different types of blood and most of us don’t even know what type we are. The blood types are A, AB, B, and O. There is also a factor within them that is known as the Rh factor. It stands for rhesus factor and it is either negative or positive. 90% of all people on the earth today have Rh-positive blood and the rest have Rh-negative blood.

Individuals who have Rh-negative blood are exceedingly rare. They also represent a significant mystery to scientists. That is why some people have come up with the suggestion that individuals who have Rh-negative blood may actually come from outer space. The reason why there may be this mystery is that Rh positive type blood is inherited from our ancestors as far as we know. Rh negative, on the other hand, seems to be a mystery as to where it comes from. That is why some people feel that the blood type is not from humans but from another world.

Something else that is interesting is that there are specific characteristics associated with individuals who have Rh-negative blood. They include the following:

Special Intuition
Photographic Memories
Slightly Lower Body Temperatures
More Emotionally Balanced
A Tendency to Have Red Hair
Hazel or Green Eyes
Sensitivity to Cold

What do you think? Are you Rh negative? Have you ever thought that you were descended from aliens? These are questions that are interesting to ask but it is unlikely that we will have any definitive answers anytime soon.