20 Kids Who Have The Most Creative Parents

There are many times in life when we are going to go through changes. We might think to the time we graduated and entered the workforce or perhaps we might reflect on our marriage and all that it meant to us. Then again, there is another time in life that is not only going to change things for a little while, it is going to change things for as long as we live. Perhaps that is why some people refer to it as a long term assignment or a 20-year project.

I’m talking about having children, of course, and there is nothing quite like it that we will experience in life. From the moment they are born, we begin to change and adjust and those adjustments are only going to continue as the kids get older. After all, we still have all of the ‘stuff’ to do that we had to do earlier in life, we are now just doing it with kids in tow. That is why we can truly appreciate when we see a great parenting hack that allows mom or dad to get something done and keep the kids in line at the same time. Here are 20 of our favorites.

1. If your kids are afraid of monsters, make this spray and squirt it around their room at bedtime.

2. Keep the toys close to the kid in the bath.

3. Don’t let little fingers get caught in the doors.

4. Your kids will love taking this medicine.

5. Teach right from left

6. Great sandbox idea.

7. When you babysit and have to get stuff done

8. Keeping little hands clean.

9. Keep your kids safe while loading your car with the ‘hands-on circle’ game

10. Protect kids from the sun

11. Faucet extenders

12. Teach your kids multiplication tables.

13. DIY wheelchair

14. Cover the springs

15. Sew 4 pillow cases together to make a portable bed

16. Keep sand off the kids

17. Remember the outlet covers

18. Apply baking soda and water to remove splinters.

19. Soak markers to bring them back to life

20. Non-slip rugs

This is how you disappoint your kids in the morning.

Not very nice

Tell the kids to go get the money from the top left drawer of the desk.

Get free massages

Tell your kids to go find the fairy in the garden