It’s Time To Up Your Napping Game With The Under Desk Hammock

Kids in daycare could teach us, adults, a thing or two about how to properly refresh our minds in the afternoon by taking a nap. Today, adults are more likely to chug down a few cups of coffee rather than get a bit of midday shuteye. But, while snoozing in your corporate office may seem like an impossible goal (because where could you possibly nap?) — it’s actually much more realistic than you think. Thanks to a genius invention called the Under Desk Hammock you can now grab a couple of Zs at work!
Manufactured by a company called Uplift Desk, the hammock is designed to attach to the brand’s standing desk, providing a sling for some very comfortable Hangtime. To assemble, all you need to do is clip the hammock onto one of the sturdy UPLIFT V2 frames using the included Carabiners. No need to drill DIY holes or any such nonsense either, just install two anchor plates on the frame using the provided mounting points.

Now, while your boss may not totally be on board with napping at work, the hammock is still a relaxing and comfy way to catch up on some emails or even enjoy your lunch break.

Image via Screengrab YouTube

Once you’re done lounging, your trusty Under Desk Hammock folds up easily in its small storage bag, so you don’t have to leave it hanging under your desk all day.

And if you’re looking for a place to store your phone or any other belongings, you can simply use its built-in storage bag which stays attached to your new nap spot and hangs down at your side.

Okay, folks, I think it’s nap time!

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