Swear Word Candles Are Here To Help You Chill Out When You Are At The End Of Your Rope

The colder season is something that many of us look forward to and there are so many reasons to appreciate the fact that it has finally arrived. Among the many benefits that the colder season provides is the fact that we can often burn candles and lighting one helps us to feel warm, cozy and calm. They tend to come in a variety of fantastic scents and we may find ourselves using them to unwind after we have a difficult day at work.

What is your favorite fragrance for candles? Some people love Apple, cinnamon or vanilla and many of us have them burning all winter long. At times, you may want to take things to the next logical level and purchase one that is not only fantastic smelling, it also says something that helps you to really express yourself. When something is written on the side of a candle, it is almost as if we are saying it continually as it burns.

Now there is a new option from the Etsy shop, SnuggleFuelCandleCo. rather than just giving you some run-of-the-mill expressions, such as ‘have a nice day’, they allow you to express yourself exactly the way that you feel about the season. some people may find those options distasteful but for the rest of us, we couldn’t imagine something better when it comes to the holidays.

Perhaps you might like their “Leave me the F*** alone, I’m coloring” candle or you may appreciate the “Let that s*** go” option. With so many choices, you will probably want to buy multiple candles to burn all winter long.

If you feel like telling the world exactly how you feel, you might try a “Yes I am a f****** princess” or “Fresh Outta F***s” candle from YouJustGotBurnedCo. They also have some that are straightforward, including “S*** head.” I’ll be giving that one as a gift.

LightersCandleCo is another option, although they aren’t quite as in-your-face as the other choices. Perhaps you could give their “Thanks for putting up with my s***” candle or “Thank f*** for you” if you really want to tell someone you live them.

Candle curses can also be found at BaumDesignsShop. Try their ‘S****, people are coming over, light this’ or their ‘I f****** love you’ option. What a great way to set the mood.

One final option is SnarkyLights Shop. They have some clever options, including ‘I don’t sugar coat s***, I’m not Willy Wonka,’ and ‘Oh for f***s sake’ and many more.

These may be novelty candles but they are not low-quality. They burn slowly and nicely so you will get the most out of each and every savory moment from the unsavory sayings.