Robot Planter Saves You From Killing Your Plants, Throws Tantrums If You Don’t Water It

Although we may have many different ways to decorate a home, there is something in many homes that helps to add to the warmth and comfort of the area. It isn’t a sofa, bed or even a throw pillow, it is a plant. Perhaps it is something that we have had for many years and we do our best to keep it alive and thriving. We may also be an individual who doesn’t necessarily have a ‘green thumb’, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t enjoy having a plant that looks beautiful in our home.

Houseplants are not only a beautiful addition to our living space, they also are good for us. It has been shown that they add to the health of the home by improving the air quality and some people even say that they are good for our mental and emotional health as well. Regardless of why you have them, it’s amazing to see a beautiful plant doing well in the home but it can also be frustrating if they tend to die under our care.

For some of us, a lack of a green thumb is not necessarily just a matter of bad luck. We may be a forgetful person, and we might forget to water the plant or perhaps take it to an area where it can get some necessary sunlight. I’m sure that all of us are guilty of this in some way or another but if it happens too often, the plant may not survive.

If you are frustrated over your past abilities to grow a plant successfully, we have an option that is well worth considering. It is a robotic pot that can help you to take care of your houseplants. In fact, if you forget to water your plants, the robot will even throw a tantrum to let you know about it.

The robotic plant can move from one area to another, allowing the plant to get plenty of sunlight and the appropriate amount of shade. You don’t need to move it from one area to the other, the robotic planter will move it for you.

It doesn’t matter if you love houseplants or if you just love gadgets, you should give the HEXA Planter a try for yourself. It may be just what is necessary to turn your thumb green.

Source: Tip Hero