Woman Shares Creative Way to Cover Up Electrical Outlets

In the last couple of years, people have been rediscovering their creative sides and in some cases, even discovering parts of themselves they never knew existed. A lot of folks have used the extra time at home in the last year and a half to make home improvements or finish those projects they’ve been neglecting for a while. When you’re stuck at home, it’s not all bad when you look at the cool projects some folks have been getting done. People who like crafts and DIY projects can always find something to do, it seems. One lady who found something cool to do is a woman on Imgur named Cristina.

Last year, Cristina posted an image on Imgur of her latest DIY project. To cover the unsightly electrical outlets in her home, Cristina is putting tiny dollhouse doors over them. My wife and I have never loved the look of electrical outlets but we have never thought of doing something this creative with them. One reason to cover outlets is to keep pets and children away from them. However, Cristina’s idea may attract children or even curious cats. These little doors just look so whimsical and cute, almost like the doors for mice in the old cartoons we all used to watch when we were kids.

I have been putting dollhouse doors as outlet covers around my house

Cristina shared some photos of the miniature dollhouse door outlet covers with Bored Panda and on her Imgur page. One door is painted dark violet in color and looks much like the doors you see on classic wooden suburban homes. My wife has a dollhouse, and this is actually a very fancy dollhouse door. It looks just like a real door, in miniature. Even the handle looks realistic.


Look at the little welcome mat in front of the door. And there is even a key hidden under the mat.


She says that her house is “full of cute and creepy decor” and shared a photo of her dollhouse.


Cristina dollhouse doors on Amazon in 1:12 scale.