Devoted Husband Turns Old Dusty Attic Into Glamorous Dream Closet For Wife

If you ask most women, they might tell you that they would love to have a bigger closet. Sharing a closet with your significant other can be a challenge, especially when one person is highly organized and the other has a more free-flowing (messy) approach to storing clothing.

This might be why one husband decided to begin a new project in which he transformed their old attic into what can only be described as a “dream closet” for his wife.

Here’s a picture of the attic before the hubby got to work.

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As you can see, he probably cleaned it out, but it looks like your typical attic. However, as you can see, it is tall enough for most folks to walk in.

Now while it looks a little creepy in that picture, just wait until you see what he does to it!

Check this out. This is what he turned their old attic into.

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I’m just blown away by how bright and modern it looks now! Try to imagine just how many clothes and shoes you can put in this thing?

Here’s a view from the other side.

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It looks like you can hold a small runway show in here, doesn’t it? Can you just imagine having a walk-in closet like this? You can literally live in here!

Her hubby used drywall, insulation, LED light stips, electrical wire, paint, and recessed lights for this project. The wood was for making the shelves and flooring.

It even has an adorable little nook that’s perfect for reading and relaxing!

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This amount of space is sure even to challenge the biggest shopper to fill it.

And what dream closet’s complete without a small powder room?

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Check out these stairs! Now, this is some high design!

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According to the hubby, the stairs were the most challenging part of the job. He attached them to the wall, but they required more support to ensure they were safe to use.

All this only took him three weeks to finish! Can you believe that? Three weeks!

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And they spent between $25K and $34K. A bit pricey, but if you have the cheddar, then why not, right?