Because Cookie Theft Is Real, Oreo Now Offers Camouflaged Packaging

I can’t remember my wife ever (EVER) buying a package of Oreos at the grocery store and bringing them home. It’s just not an item that is ever on her shopping list. However, I’ve also never known her to pass one up if she sees that I have some. It’s remarkable, really. One would think that she doesn’t care anything about Oreos since she has never bought any. She does buy other types of sweet snacks, but not Oreos. However, without fail, when I go into my Oreo stash, there are invariably fewer Oreos than there were when I left them the night before. What is up with that?

The fact is, Oreos are irresistible and addictive. Because of that, I can’t get mad at my wife. She just forgets how much she loves them until they are in the pantry. However, I may just buy Oreo’s newest product. They’re Oreo Thins that are wrapped in kid-repellant (spouse-repellant?) packaging. That’s right, the “Thins Protection Plan” is using packaging from Ford, Green Giant Riced Veggies, Hanes Tagless Tees, and even the Better Homes and Garden New Cook Book to disguise Oreos as something else. It’s ingenious! The fact is, if you have kids in the house, you’re even worse off than I am.

Our kids are grown, but we do have a grandchild who drops in frequently. Fortunately, he’s short and not clued into stepstools so I can hide my cookies from him. What’s hilarious is that you can even disguise your cookies in the glovebox of your car with the “Ford manual” if eating in the car is your last refuse. Or in your t-shirt drawer with the Hanes packaging. Love your Oreos frozen? I like them that way, too. Well, with the Green Giant packaging, you’re all set.

In an Instagram and Twitter challenge, Oreo challenged their dedicated fans to find their own best hiding spots. Hey, if you win, you could win a $25,000 prize.