Food Can Make The Cutest Little Critters

The human brain is amazing beyond belief. In fact, many scientists who study the brain say that there is no equal to it in the known universe. After all, it’s like a miniature computer that we carry around with us every day but it does so much more than calculate. We have things that are built into us that many of us don’t even think about, including facial recognition. When you stop to think about it, you can be standing in the middle of a huge crowd and as you look out around at the faces, something will suddenly strike you as being familiar. That’s right, you can spot a familiar face in a sea of faces.

Something else that we tend to do is to take ordinary things and make them human in some way or another. We do the same with animals. When you look down through the following pictures, you will see that it is not only possible to see humans and animals in ordinary items, we can see them in food as well. In fact, the owner of the Instagram account creates these decorations for her own amusement and then shares them with the world. It includes everything from a watermelon that looks like a shark to some chocolate-covered strawberries that look like penguins.

As you look down through the following pictures, your love of animals will continue to grow and your love of food may grow along with it. Perhaps you might even be interested in trying some of this artwork for yourself! It’s not difficult, once you have the idea in mind.

Finally, don’t allow this moment to pass without thinking about your beautiful brain and all that it is capable of doing. It’s just one more reason why we appreciate the world that we live in so much.