The ‘Food Cubby’ Is Designed For People Who Don’t Like Their Food Touching

Believe or not there are folks over the age of 5 who absolutely hates it when their food touches on their plate. If everything isn’t separate, except for pasta and sauce, then they immediately lose their appetite.

If this sounds like someone you love, then let us bring you up to speed on a handy little gadget that can save the day — introducing the Food Cubby, a silicone food divider that keeps each item in its own section on your plate. Mom’s and Dad’s can now rejoice!

This product sells on Amazon for around $14.99, and it comes in a 2-pack. The Food Cubby uses suction to stick to almost any dinner plate. And as an added bonus, its design makes it easier to push food onto a utensil without using their fingers. Even though this nifty little invention is geared toward children, both kids and adults are loving them!

Now syrups, sauces, and other runny foods are kept in their place, so they don’t bother their neighbors. One of the things that makes it so cool is the fact that it was invented by a kid. The product’s description even reads:

“Good for special needs, elderly, vision impaired, and occupational therapy needs at meal time. The Food Cubby was created by a kid inventor!”

Some folks have a condition called brumotactillophobia, a condition that manifests as being a picky eater. But it’s actually a mild to a severe fear of food touching (and a form of OCD), which can cause people to consume each item on their plate in a specific order or take other measures to divide those foods. Eating off a divided plate or using separate dishes also helps some folks cope with their condition.

But even if you don’t have full-fledged brumotactillophobia (now, that’s a mouthful, right?), you may still not enjoy mixing different textures or flavors together unintentionally. For others, it can also be a control thing, and they may wish to taste each food on its own.

Also, some may suffer from sensory issues and do not enjoy the feeling, sight, or taste of food mixing together. For people in this group who’ve tried the Food Cubby, it works like a charm, and they love it!

Reviewers point out that the dividers are pretty easy to remove without scraping your plate, and if you’re looking to watch portion sizes, they accommodate up to 1/2 cup of food. Also, they don’t contain BPA, are dishwasher safe, and you can carry them when dining out. Why not?

You can buy a few packs of the Food Cubby and stock them in your cabinets, give them as gifts, or pack a few in your bag for when you’re on the road. Now you can bring a smile to someone’s face when you hand them their plat of carefully portioned off scrambled eggs and syrupy pancakes.

No more building awkward makeshift food walls, sitting food aside on napkins or putting condiments on a quarantined dish. Get your self a Food Cubby and watch those problems disappear.

What do you think about this new produ Have you already tried it? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below. And be sure to share the story about this wonderful new invention with your friends and family.