12 Unexpected Ways To Use Onions To Fight Common Illnesses

Do you have any onions lying around the home? More than likely, you use them to spice up a dish and make it delicious, but the fact of the matter is, onions can be used for many different things. As a matter of fact, they are one of the most powerful natural remedies for a wide variety of health issues. They can work in multiple ways, from an antibiotic to an antiseptic because they have a high sulfur content. They also help to ward off chronic disease, including cancer.

When you use onions properly, it can keep you from vomiting, give your immune system a boost and treat respiratory problems. Diabetics can benefit from the use of onions, as can those with high cholesterol, arthritis and heart problems. This isn’t anything new. Native Americans used them for treating the flu and colds, and the World Health Organization also recommends using them for various reasons.

If you want to start using onions to their full potential, try them for healing in the following ways:

1. Coughing – slice an onion in half and put some brown sugar over each slice. Cover them for one hour. Eat the relish twice a day and it will help with your cough. The antibacterial properties of onions will kill the microbes that cause the cough.

Sulfur also helps to detox and is anti-inflammatory. It can help with pain and inflammation during a coughing fit.

2. Hair loss – boil water with an onion it and use the liquid to rinse your hair before you shampoo. Since it is antimicrobial, it will promote the new growth of hair and stop dandruff. It also has a lot of antioxidants, which helps your hair grow stronger.

3. Chest congestion – if you are suffering from chest congestion, make a paste out of crushed onion with coconut oil. The vapors will also help loosen mucus.

4. Colic – if your baby has colic, giving them a teaspoon of onion tea every hour can help to calm it. The benefits of onion will relax muscles and strengthen the stomach. To make the tea, boil diced yellow onion in water and allow it to cool before straining.

5. Bug bites – if you have a bug bite, place a slice of onion directly on the bite. Since it is anti-inflammatory, it will help to reduce the inflammation and discomfort.

6. Ear infections – put a chopped up onion inside of a thin sock. Put the sock over the ear and hold it in place. Leave it until the pain disappears.

7. Cuts – if you have a cut, put the film of an onion over it and the bleeding will stop quickly. It will also help the wound to heal.

8. A sore throat – mix an onion skin with water and drink or gargle with it. You can add lemon or honey if it is difficult to take the taste.

9. Vomiting – squeeze a grated onion with cheesecloth and collect the juice. Make peppermint tea, put 2 teaspoons of the onion juice in it and then drink the tea.

10. Clean air – the onion will pull bacteria out of the air and clean it.

11. Sunburn – rub fresh onion on a sunburn to keep an infection from setting in. The sulfuric compounds and onion will help the skin to regenerate.

12. Fever – cut onion slices and rub coconut oil on the bottom of your feet. Apply the onion slices to the foot. Wrap with plastic wrap and cover your foot with a sock. The onions will pull out toxins and bacteria.