Ritz Reveals the Real Function Of The Scalloped Edges on Their Crackers

Would you believe that there are products most folks have been using incorrectly for years without knowing it? A few examples of things folks don’t operate correctly include bobby pins, the bottom drawer of your oven (the broiler), Tiktacs, and Heinz 57 ketchup. And now, folks are being blown away by a new revelation concerning Ritz crackers.

It turns out the scalloped edges on these legendary buttery little crakers are not just for show. Most of us probably never thought about it, but the edges seem a bit weird when you do. However, you probably thought it was just the cracker’s signature look to help it stand out. You see, the real reason behind the cracker’s edges will blow your mind!

So, what could the purpose of these edges be? Is it for design reasons? After all, they give Ritz crackers a very distinctive look; just imagine how they would look without them? Pretty dull, right?

However, according to Ritz, who recently made a TikTok video, we’ve had it all wrong for years! Recently they dispelled the myth about the cracker’s ridges in a short video that’s got a lot of folks talking.

Now, get this. Ritz says the ridges are actually for cutting the cheese!

Wait, what!?

Yes, you read correctly, cutting the cheese, people!

Apparently, if you don’t have a butter knife handy and don’t want to look like a complete savage using your fingers, you can use the edges of your crackers to slice your favorite piece of cheese (provided it’s a very thin slice of cheese).

It turns out, lots of folks had no clue about the Ritz cracker’s hidden super power.

A lot of fans took to TikTok to express their shock. So, you don’t need to feel so bad if you don’t know. It seems most of the planet had no clue either!

Of course, you had your fair number of folks who called the whole business “fake news.” Some just pointed out the obvious, which is you can just grab your cheese and tear it.

Other folks complained how this didn’t seem possible since the crackers were so fragile and broke quickly.

So, just how practical is using a Ritz cracker to cut the cheese? We suppose it’s just a matter of being very gentle and patient, which is hard when you’re hungry!

You can watch Ritz’s earth-shaking video below.


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What do you make of the Ritz cracker revelation of 2021? Did you already know this? Are you going to try this at home? Let us know.

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