You Are Really Missing Out If You Haven’t Tried This ‘Melting Potatoes’ Recipe

Most families go through a particular rotation of recipes and they may only have a handful of main dishes that they choose from. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are limited when it comes to food options. Those same families may have a variety of side dishes that they also add to the meals to make them unique and interesting. In many cases, potatoes play a large part of those side dishes.

When you really stop to think about all of the different ways there are to make potatoes, it is mind-boggling. You can make them fried, baked, mashed or boiled and that is really just scratching the surface. Another way to make potatoes that often flies under the radar is melting potatoes. They have been popular in Europe for a while but in the United States, you don’t see them very often. They are also known as fondant potatoes and they are going to change your side dishes forever.

American bloggers have recently discovered fondant potatoes and they have restyled them to call them ‘melting potatoes’. When you consider the popularity of those recipes that are popping up on blogs, it is really something you need to try.

Here is a video to show you how to get started:

How to Make Melting Potatoes

It doesn’t matter if you called the melting potatoes, fondant potatoes or anything else, the recipe behind it is very similar.

The first thing you do is cut up a pound of potatoes into similar sized cylinder shapes. Coat them with melted butter and herbs. You can then roast them at 500° for up to 45 minutes, flipping them one time or more often until they are a nice, brown color.

The real secret to making this recipe perfect is to add a garlic sauce and broth in the last 15 minutes they are roasting. It gives them a unique texture and taste that you will love. Chicken broth is commonly called for but you can also use beef broth or a vegetable broth if you desire.

They almost look like sauteed scallops!

Tips for Making This Recipe Perfect:

There are always going to be variations but for fondant potatoes, the recipe is almost foolproof. The most important thing to remember is to cut your potatoes 1 inch thick or thicker. You may underestimate how thick an inch is so use a ruler when you start. You should also use a metal pan because glassware may break when you use it at such a high heat.

The end result is a potato that is crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. It’s great as a side dish for as a snack.


You could also try this dish with melting potatoes along with green beans and teriyaki sweet salmon.


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