12 Brilliant Features In Everyday Objects That You Probably Didn’t Know

When we consider everything that we see around us in the world on a day-to-day basis, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that we don’t understand everything that we come in contact with. Even some of the simple things that we may use every day might just have a hidden function and what you realize it, your world might never be the same again. This is not only a possibility, it is a reality but we are about to reveal those secrets to you.

Why is it that these functions may exist and we don’t know about them? Because in some cases, we may only pay a few dollars for the item and don’t give it a second thought. At the same time, the people who develop those items or who manufacture them spend tens of thousands or perhaps even millions of dollars in order to make sure that they are the best they can possibly be. If you use any of these 12 items on a regular basis, your world is about the change.

1. Did you ever see the indent in the bottom of the wine bottle? It controls the pressure while working.

2. Have you ever seen the holes at the end of the tape measure? It is used to cook it on a nail or screw.

3. The bobble in your winter head is more than a fashion trend. It used to be used for protecting sailors when they hit their head.

4. Many people wonder why they have side panels on their backpack. For the most part, the panel is designed to attach to ropes or cables.

5. Do you shift your rearview mirror by holding onto it from the top or side? The tab at the bottom of the mirror can tip it upward so you’re not blinded by the high beans behind you.

6. You ever wonder which side of the car your gas pump patch is on? There is something built into a car to let you know. The arrow next to the pump symbol will point the way.

7. There’s a hole in the bottom of the lock that you may not have ever’s noticed before. it is used to oil the padlock

8. There is also a tiny hole on the back of your iPhone. It’s a microphone used when you are taking a back facing camera video.

9. There are random holes on the side of the Converse sneakers. They are for ventilation and you can tie your laces or more ankle support.

10. Some people know about this already but the loop on the back of the shirts is where you hang them on locker pegs.

11. The clunky cylinder on power cables blocks out high-frequency noises.

12. The whole at the end of a bureau pen lid is a case a child swallows it. It’s an error hole and it allows them to still breathe.