13 Timeless Pieces of Sage and Practical Advice Everyone Should Know

Good, practical advice is tough to find. You would think it would be easier since the internet gives us more information at our fingertip than humankind has ever had to access. But, sadly, with more information also comes more ignorance and a type of blindness to wisdom as we follow what’s “trending” rather than what’s thoughtful. This is why learning how to recognize good advice is a skill unto itself. Being able to truly listen when others are talking rather than just waiting to talk is something so many folks never learn.

Below, we’ve collected 13 incredible and thought-provoking pieces of advice we believe everyone should incorporate into their lives.

#13. It’s tough to find a great employer, but when you do, don’t miss your opportunity.

#12. Keanu Reeves is a very wise man.

#11. The word “No” can give or take away more power than any other.

#10 Even family doesn’t have the right to treat you like a doormat.

#9. Don’t let doubts stop you from writing your story.

#8. Don’t shoot down your dreams before you try.

#7. Personal responsibility is personal power.

#6. Your life is a story. Learn how to tell it.

#5. Definitely a big red flag.

#4. It’s not your responsibility to sort other people’s chaos.

#3. Sometimes there is no good answer.

#2. Sage advice for anyone who wants to conduct business.

#1. Time is our most precious resource. Use it wisely.

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