Choose One Of These Feathers To Find Out What You Really Desire

Life is rather interesting and sometimes, it can even throw in something quite unexpected. We think we have it all figured out and before we know it, we are provided with a choice that we had never even considered before. Sometimes, that choice is decided for us but it other times, it is a decision that we need to make. This is one of those times when we must make a decision and the answer may provide more than what you had ever believed possible.

If I were to ask you who you are and what you wished to be, would you be able to answer it? Would you believe that the answer may be as simple as choosing a feather from the picture? That is exactly what I am about to show you. In this picture, there are eight feathers and when you choose the one that appeals the most to you, it is going to reveal a lot about your desires and what you plan on being in life. You may just end up learning more about yourself than you thought possible.

1. Variety

If you chose this feather then you are probably stuck in a rut. You tend to do the same things over and over and you need some type of newness in your life.

This choice means that you are looking for diversity and the multiple colors attracted you because it reflects your inner desire. It could be your personal life or perhaps your life at work but you need something new for yourself.

2. Focus

This feather means that you are distracted and cannot typically complete a task. You may start things on a regular basis but your mind tends to go everywhere and you may even end up bored.

This choice means that you are lacking concentration and focus. You may find it difficult to get closure on anything in life. The concentration of colors at the top attracted your attention. You are seeking more focus in your life.

3. Warmth

This feather means that you are a warm and caring person but more than likely, you would give the feather away rather than keeping it. You know you deserve love but you don’t always feel as if you achieve it.

The blue feather means that the warmth caught your attention. You need to be more focused on finding love, because this is what you really desire.

4. Colors

This means that you are feeling a little blue and have some emotional issues. Your life may exist somewhere in the gray zone and you may feel negative sometimes.

Choosing this color means you want to add some life to your life. It is the splash of color that really attracted you to this choice.

5. Strength

You are looking for strength in your life and trying to achieve your dreams. It likely means that you are stuck in a situation where you want more courage to overcome the o in life.

When you choose this feather, it means you want more inner strength so that you can seek out some of your ambitions. The solid and dark colors reflect that strength and grabbed your attention.

6. Simplicity

You probably feel trapped in a complex life. There is so much going on around you that you are overwhelmed and may feel as if you need a way out.

Since you chose this feather, it means that you want a simpler life. You may want peace in your life and the simplicity will help to bring it about.

7. Stability

This means that you are somebody who is tired but you don’t want to be tired any longer. You may have worked hard for many years and the pressure is getting to you.

This feather means that you are looking for a stable platform to rebuild your life. You want strength and calm and all the stability that it offers.

8. Spark

Do you find that you are bored and just want to get more out of life? Perhaps you are surrounded by people who just go about their daily lives without any pizzazz.

This feather means that you need a spark in life and you need to follow your passions. You just need a little bit more life and this feather means that you are looking for it.