How You Pose Your Legs When Sitting Reveals Your Personality

I’ve always been fascinated by the study of human body language. We reveal so much about ourselves without even saying a word, and it’s a wonder anyone thinks they can go around fooling people. When we’re in contact with other people, we say much more with our bodies than many people realize. In fact, some experts believe that we say more with body language than we do with our actual words. While it can be challenging to talk about our feelings, we communicate through body language every minute of the day. We can’t turn it off even if we try because a lot of it is instinctual.

For example, even the way we sit reveals our personality. Think about how you usually place your legs when you sit. Perhaps you change it up occasionally, depending on where you are and what you’re wearing, but think about your default position. For example, how we sit when we’re watching TV at home is probably different from how we sit when we’re in a meeting at work. The clothes and shoes we wear can affect this, too. However, most of us have a default. What is yours? Check out the image below and choose yours. Then scroll down below to find out what your default sitting position reveals about your personality.

Position A

People who sit in this position are charismatic and creative. These people are spontaneous and don’t think much about the decisions they make.  They tend to make decisions quickly and go straight to what they believe is the best solution. These individuals tend to be popular and make new friends easily, although many of their relationships don’t last long.

Position B

If you default to position B, you are probably a true dreamer. Your imagination is rich and vibrant and you’re usually described as an empathetic person. When you make contact with others, you may sometimes put yourself in the background. You’re a good listener and you’re in touch with your true feelings.

Position C

If you sit like this, put your legs together when people are around. You may be a chaotic person who has trouble concentrating and it also may be hard for you to sit still. Your mind is probably always moving and you may get bored easily. Also, you may have a short attention span and there is medication for that if you need it. In relationships, you may need someone who can tell you what to do.

Position D

Individuals who sit in this position are usually very smart people who think rationally. They are punctual, orderly, and neat. They’re a great match for the chaotic person who sits in position C. These folks don’t like to gossip and they’re honest people. Best of all, they remain calm at all times and don’t lose perspective.

Position E

Have you ever noticed that royal women sit like this? These people are goal-oriented and value their careers. They enjoy setting goals for themselves and meeting their goals. Personally, they care a lot about love and health, and they’re perfectionists in everything they do.