Science Has Spoken: Redheads May Just Have Genetic Superpowers!

Do you know somebody who is a redhead? Are you close to them and do they take a regular part in your life? Many of us recognize that redheads are a unique group of individuals and they are quite special when we interact with them regularly. It seems as if this is not only an opinion on our part but redheads have even been scientifically proven to be special as well. You really can’t argue with science and it turns out that they have spoken up for redheads in the best way possible.
According to a book, Le Parfum de la Femme, it may be possible that redheads have genetic superpowers. The book was written way back in 1886 by a man named Dr. Augustin Galopin. He had something rather unusual to say about redheads but it is something that many of us could agree with when we hear it for ourselves. According to his empirical research, redheads admit and radiate an aroma that is unique among all other people. The aroma is known as ambergris and it can best be described as an earthy, sensual smell.

It seems as if science has also recognized something similar to this and it comes in the form of a thin film on the surface of the skin. All of us have our own unique smell and some of us are quite easy to spot in that regard. It turns out that redheads, however, are rather unique in the fact that they release a perfume from this thin film on the surface of the skin and it emits a smell all of its own.

According to Galopin’s book, there are some rather interesting observations about redheads, sometimes referred to as Gingers. Redheads are somewhat rare when compared to other individuals and in fact, they are so unique that they only make up approximately two out of every 100 people in the population.

According to research, they don’t need as much vitamin D as the rest of us and they tend to have a higher tolerance for pain. More than likely, this is from the MC1R gene mutation, which is also what causes the red hair.

If you are interested in reading some of the facts from the book that shows redheads have genetic superpowers, here they are:

They Don’t Need As Much Vitamin D

Redheads tend to have pale skin and this may allow them to absorb additional sunlight and produce more vitamin D. When a redhead is out in the sun, they are making more vitamin D and as a result, they have the advantage over certain health issues, such as diabetes and arthritis.

They Can Tell When It Is Getting Cold

According to research from the University of Louisville, the MC1R gene that gives them their red hair also allows them to feel temperature changes more easily than others. When they experience a change in temperature, their body tends to be over-reactive.

They Deal with Pain Better

This is something that many of us could appreciate and perhaps it is one of the coolest things about being a redhead, other than their unique appeal.

This information comes from McGill University and they show that redheads are different from other people and the fact that they can tolerate as much as 25% more pain. This was backed up with additional research from the University of Oslo. They took it a step further and pricked women with a pin and found that redheads feel less pain.

This could lead to something rather interesting. According to the University of Louisville, it may take as much as 20% more anesthesia to sedate a redhead.

Red Is Hard to Hide

Red is easier to spot than other colors because of its intense hue. When a color is bolder, it will fade more easily. Red hair molecules are larger than the molecules from other color hair. They are unable to penetrate hair like smaller molecules so it is difficult to hide the color.

Not All Redheads Are Fair Skinned

Most people assume that redheads also have fair skin but that is not always true. Some cultures that have native redheads, such as those in Morocco and Papua New Guinea may have darker complexions. In addition, there are Hawaiian redheads, who are known locally as ehu because of an ancient belief that they descended from a fire God.

Who knew that there would be this much to learn about redheads?

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