Test Your Personality By Revealing How You Sit

One of the most interesting studies of human behavior is body language. Body language is a type of unconscious and nonverbal communication that we all use, whether we realize it or not. Instead of words, we use our bodies, facial expressions, and movements to convey messages and information. For centuries, our ancestors managed to navigate their way through life and learn to survive by working in groups and communities together. They somehow effectively communicated their desires, needs, and observations with one another, even before the use of verbal language. The earliest man didn’t have a verbal or written language, but experts believe that they spoke with body language.

These mechanisms of ancient times remain with us even today and they provide a fascinating insight into our personalities and feelings. Take a look at the image below and choose which one best represents how you sit when you’re not thinking about it.

Position 1

If you frequently sit like the guy in position 1, you’re probably an honest and trustworthy individual who may sometimes be unsure of yourself. The wider feet stance relates to honesty and the inverted feet positioning shows an unsure personal position.

People who sit like this are interested in other people and the type of person that is easy to talk to. You probably have excellent listening skills and a lot of good friends, although you may be just a bit quirky. You also have a good sense of humor.

Position 2

This position, with the legs crossed, shows that you’re more reserved. You also take your time before trusting someone. If your knee points towards the person you’re talking to, it shows you’re honest, and if you point away, it can represent guardedness.

People who often sit in this position are professionals who are passionate and ambitious but have a certain career status. Perhaps you don’t conform to the crowd but you’re strong in confidence.

Position 3

If you sit in this position, you’re probably a person who is honest and happy with your life. The open knees denote a general truthfulness and honesty with how you conduct your life, and if your feet are together, it represents introversion and sensitivity.

People who sit like this are very approachable and get along well with nearly everyone they meet. Moreover, they are dependable and well-liked and probably have a lot of friends. This has much to do with inner peace and emotional growth. They have high emotional intelligence.

Position 4

Folks who sit in position four are usually straightforward people who are gentle and reserved. However, if you’re asked for honesty, you don’t beat around the bush at all. The legs pointing forward indicated honesty and the feet close together shows you are well mannered and reserved.

If you sit in this position, you may be a perfectionist who is more comfortable when everything is organized and in order. There’s nothing wrong with that, and new and interesting topics keep you motivated and passionate regarding life.

Position 5

People who sit in position five are goal oriented and have amazing imagination. In fact, when your heart is set on something you don’t hold back. You probably have a deep need for intimacy and love helping others.

You are an individual who is relaxed but still very driving. A smile is always on your face.