The Shape Of Your Feet Will Say A Lot About Your Personality

We often compare the human body to a computer. In fact, we consider the human brain to be one of the most complex computers in all of the universe. That being said, we also have a lot of information that is inside of each and every one of our cells. The DNA that we carry has been passed down from one generation to the next and it is like a building block of extreme complexity. When we understand a little bit about our DNA, we understand a little bit about our life.

Our DNA makes us unique in many different ways and it certainly can change the way that we look and the way that we act. Perhaps something that many people overlook, however, is the shape of our feet. These are rather unique and although there are no two feet that are exactly alike, there are specific shapes that can reveal where we came from and perhaps even something about our personalities.

Here’s a little bit about our feet and how they affect our lives. It has a lot to do with DNA, but you will see it has a lot to do with you as an individual as well.

1. From tall to short toes

This type of foot structure means that you have either Arabian or Egyptian ancestry. They taper down in size with the big toe being the longest. You are able to walk long distances and have nomadic blood. The long toe can cause some difficulties when looking for shoes but you still love to wander.

More than likely, you are focused in life because of your ancestry. You enjoy design and you are inspired by nature. You tend to be approachable and friendly.

2. All the same length

If your toes are the same length it means you have Germanic blood. These people worked hard in physical labor to survive. You have a farming background.

You tend to be patient when you enjoy doing something. You don’t draw any conclusions because you want to make good decisions.

3. The second toe slightly longer

This foot structure means that you have Greek blood. That longer-toe, known as the Morton’s toe is often seen in Greek statues.

More than likely, you are very active and creative. You love sports and are a natural leader. Since you have a lot of energy, you are enjoyable to hang out with but you also stress a lot.

4. First, second and third toe same length

When this happens, you have Roman ancestry. This structure is known as peasants toe and it is likely that your ancestors did physical labor or were farmers.

You tend to have a lot of balance in your life and a clear vision of where you are going. Your outlook is generally positive and you are nice to be around. You look for new ways to do things and love exploring the world.

5. Little toes sticking out

When you have wide feet, you tend to have a childlike outlook on your life. This toe sticking out means you also have a fresh outlook but it may cause some problems. You look at the brighter things, so you do tend to gather friends.

Are you able to wiggle your little toe? It may mean that you are impulsive and you make decisions quickly. You tend to be flirty as well.

6. Little toe much smaller

This is an interesting shape that probably comes from the UK. Four of the toes are the same size so it can be difficult to find footwear.

You probably have a difficult personality to read and there is some mystery that surrounds you. This foot shape tends to have a difficult time finding good footwear but since you are adventurous, you will enjoy life anyway.

7. Middle toe slightly longer

You likely have strong family values when you have this type of foot shape. You are nurturing and a good caregiver. You value your family and personal relationships over everything else.

If you are in a disagreement, it is difficult not to show it. You might even find that your toe curls up when you don’t appreciate how things are going in life. You are gentle and you want the best for everybody. You also tend to be a good listener.

8. Middle toe sticks out

This type of foot shape could mean that you are a deep thinker and are very focused. You might even be a perfectionist and tend to have a lot of success in your career.

If the toe is shorter and sticks out, you are probably laid-back and love life to the full. Some people may call you lazy but honestly, you don’t rush into anything. It just isn’t your way.