You Can Now Remotely Shock Your Snoring Spouse

We all do what we can in order to keep up with our relationships. When we are in a relationship with someone we consider to be our significant other, keeping up with it is sometimes more difficult than we imagine. This is especially true after we tie the knot and suddenly, we are sleeping in the same room night after night. At first, it can be a magical thing but it isn’t long before the magic is broken by something that often is very difficult to handle. I’m talking about snoring, and if you have a significant other that loves to snore, then you probably realize just how difficult that can be.

There are so many products out there that claim to be able to help with snoring and some of them are actually fairly good. This would include a CPAP machine or perhaps something to keep them from rolling onto their back. There’s also something else, however, that he is turning heads and it may just be more ingenious than any of us realize. It is the Somnibel, and if you never heard of it, then you are not alone. This little device goes on the forehead and if we start to snore, it gently shocks us and brings us back from that state of slumber. That’s right, you can sleep with somebody that will never snore again and you have the pleasure of having them get shocked if they do snore.

Although this sounds a little mean at first, it is actually fairly tame. It’s just a matter of a little buzzing that wakes a person up enough so that they stop snoring but doesn’t wake them up completely. It’s a rather interesting device and one that probably works better than most people realize.

Life can be difficult when you sleep with somebody that snores but these types of devices are made in order to stop that from happening. Fortunately, it is something that is well within your grasp and you may just get that good night’s sleep after all.