Grandma’s Pool Cleaning Hack Goes Viral: Because It Works!

If you have ever had a pool in your backyard, you realize just how difficult it can be to keep it clean. It doesn’t matter if you do everything that you possibly can, checking the chemical level on a regular basis, adding chlorine and scrubbing down the sides, there are going to be times when you wake up in the morning and the pool looks horrible. If you find yourself in such a situation, you will love what this woman has to offer.

This particular trick comes from a 49-year-old woman who spent weeks scrubbing and vacuuming her pool in the backyard to keep it blue. Her name is Lisa Pack, and she is a grandmother from Ohio. She may not be a swimming pool cleaner by trade about what she has to offer keeps her pool clear and will work wonders for your pool as well.

Whitney, her daughter is actually the one that found the advice on Facebook. When she shared the information on Facebook herself, however, it took off. She explained: “Everyone knows my pool is green by this time of year.” That is about to change.

Her unique solution may seem simple but it works! She simply puts one Mr. clean Magic eraser into the pool skimmer bucket. That foam Square does the work that is necessary to clean the pool and keep it clean.

Prior to the time that she discovered this trick, she would spend 45 minutes every week cleaning the pool.

When the water gets cloudy, she drops a magic eraser into the skimmer and it does the work for her. The results really speak for themselves. This picture is her holding up a green piece of foam in front of her beautiful pool.

“Holla bing holla boom,” Pack said. “The cloudiness left and my sponge looks like this. I’m pretty excited to think something so cheap could help so much.”

If you want to save even more money, you can buy bulk packages of melamine foam. That is the same thing that magic erasers are made out of but they are a lot cheaper.

“There’s nothing,” Pack brags about her spotless pool. “There’s no green, there’s no slime on the bottom. There was no green in sight – it was amazing.”

If you have a pool and have a tough time cleaning it, try this for yourself. It works wonders.

You can also try these extra tips that help to keep the pool clean.

Wrap some pantyhose around your skimmer basket to help it clean better. They work like an extra filter, blocking the smaller particles. Make sure that you tie one end of the hose tight and replace it when necessary.

Do you have a sand filter in your pool? You can add some diatomaceous earth to help keep things cleaner. Diatomaceous earth keeps the sand in the filter together. It makes for a better barrier against the smallest of debris.

Do you play tennis? Even if you don’t, it would be worth it to buy a tennis ball for your pool.

The oil that is left from the swimmers will stay on top of the water and it can make the water look cloudy. It will also attract bugs. Let a tennis ball float around and soak up the oil from the surface.

Bees and wasps can spoil your time at the pool but you can get rid of them without having to worry about citronella candles.

Throw some drier seats in the basket liners around the pool and the pests will stay away. You can also plant some lemongrass.

If you have stains on the walls of your pool, you can try wiping them with vinegar. Lime juice may also work in some cases.

Finally, you can use baking soda to keep your pool tiles clean but it will also help to alkalize the water.