Someone Invented a Horse Head Squirrel Feeder and It’s Brilliant

I grew up in the city in New Orleans, Louisiana, and never lived in the country until I met my wife. Our office has windows on two sides and my desk happens to be next to one of the windows. In the first couple of weeks of working here in our home office, I began to be enchanted by the birds that flew outside. I started reading up on birds and decided to get some bird feeders going so that I could enjoy them even more. I did that and before long, I had tons of birds all the time outside my window. And then came the squirrels.

As it turns out, squirrels love birdseed, too. Who knew, right? I quickly learned that keeping squirrels out of my birdseed was nearly impossible. I tried tons of different suggestions from forums and YouTube videos and finally just gave up. The squirrels happily continued to enjoy my birdseed, and the birds still came, too. As long as the wildlife is enjoying our bounty, I’m happy. In fact, I’ve thought about investing in some squirrel feeders so that I can feed our squirrels ears of corn and things like that. We saw one recently on Amazon that may be the first one I buy, in fact.


The bird feeder is shaped like a horse’s head and it’s completely brilliant. The way it works is that while the little squirrels eat their dinner, the hanging horse head feeder makes it look like they’re wearing a horse mask. You can put various things in the horse’s snout and let the squirrels get busy eating. One suggestion is peanut butter because it will stay up in there and the squirrels love it.


The feeder is made from waterproof vinyl. You can suspend it from a tree branch with some string or fishing line, so you don’t need to prop it up with anything. You can get yours on Amazon for a good price. Enjoy!