Young Boy Plays In Bouncy House Then These Sores Show Up. Doctors Issue Immediate Warning

If there is one thing that all children have in common, it’s the fact that they enjoy playing. All of us can probably think back to our own childhood and remember doing some fun things at parties or perhaps even in our own backyard. Today, one of the more enjoyable things that many children do is to play in a bouncy house. These large inflatable items are great for any type of backyard party and it keeps the children busy while the parents get to enjoy some time together as well.

Most parents don’t really give much thought to the company that they use for renting the bouncy house. We tend to trust that they are well-regulated and honorable with what they do for a living. The problem is, that trust is sometimes misdirected and it could even cause more problems than you could possibly imagine. In fact, doctors are warning people about the use of bouncy houses and if your children go anywhere near them, you really need to be informed about the possibility for danger.

This story involves the Sanderson family. Brenda Sanderson was at a graduation party and enjoying it with her two sons. They were surrounded by friends, family and many others who had come out to enjoy the occasion as well. They even had a bouncy house that the children could play in and the boys were taking full advantage of it. They were jumping around on the inside, wrestling and going down the inflatable sliding board. It all seemed like great fun but two days later, marks began to show up on the 10-year-old and it really took her by surprise.

The mother asked the child where the marks came from. The child thought that it was from sliding around in the bouncy house and getting burned from the plastic but it was actually something that was far worse.

Brenda started to notice sores spreading all over his 10-year-old body. At first, they thought that it may have been caused by friction from sliding around on the plastic but they went to the doctor to find out for sure.

When the doctors examined the young child, they found out that the sores were from a staff infection. That infection came from bacteria that was found inside of the bouncy house.

The plastic that is used in bouncy houses is similar to what is used for wrestling. Bacteria can stick to it so when any child introduces bacteria to the bouncy house, it can easily be transferred to the other children. That is especially true when it is not cleaned properly.

Most parents assume that the companies that rent bouncy houses are on the up and up. When you really stop to think about it, bouncy houses are actually regulated and inspected by the state. Even though that is the case, they don’t check up on them as often as they probably should.

If you rent a bouncy house, it is important to do a double check and ensure that they are clean on the inside. If they inflate the bouncy house and it doesn’t look clean, it is important to talk to them and have it cleaned thoroughly before you allow any children on the inside.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the bouncy house is the responsibility of the rental company. It is not up to the person who rented it to clean it after it has been put up. When you inform the company that it is not up to your standards, they should either clean it or remove it from your property.

According to doctors, any type of an open cut or wound would pose a risk if there was bacteria present in the bouncy house. Be sure that you protect your children and inform others by sharing this post with them.

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