If You Have a Clingy or Needy Pet, This Office Chair Was Designed For You

I have a confession to make. I never work alone. I’ve usually got a lady on my lap when I’m working. And no, I’m not talking about my wife. Although my wife works at a desk beside mine, we also have two dogs and some female cats. Both of the dogs are always in the room with us, but they don’t bother us much. The cats, on the other hand, are very needy and clingy. At any given moment, I usually have at least one cat on my desk, one in my lap, and others on the shelves around me.

With the change to more people working from home in the last year, we’ve all been seeing a lot more cats and dogs at work. Scarcely a day goes by that someone’s not going viral for something hilarious their pet did when they were in a Zoom meeting. The fact is, lots of us have needy pets who follow us around the house or want to be right on top of us when we’re working. Although we love our pets, they can be very distracting when we’re trying to get some work done. I rarely get impatient, but I confess that if I’m working on a time-sensitive project, I sometimes have to put the cats up in their room.


Yes, my cats have their own room. When a clever lady named Simone Giertz had to confront her own needy pet problem, she didn’t get frustrated. She decided to get creative instead. Simone designed a chair that can accommodate both humans and their beloved animal companions. Simone is a designer and like the rest of us, her dog frequently interrupts her when she’s working. One day as she was working, she had a brilliant idea. She decided to create a special chair when she realized that a chair that worked for both her and her dog didn’t exist.


Simone is an inventor, so this was easy for her. In designing the chair, she wanted to make it comfortable for both her and her dog. Simone’s dog, Scraps, only has three legs, so she had to make her chair with steps. Hey, I’m sold! And I know a couple of cats who would love that chair. Watch the video below.