Study Claims That Traveling Makes You Much Happier Than Wealth

If there is one thing that is of interest to all of us, it is our own, personal level of happiness. We will go out of our way to achieve it but often, we fall short of the mark. It isn’t for lack of trying, it is typically because we are not trying in the right areas of life. After all, we will often go out and spend our last dollar on the latest trinket that is designed to make us happy and fulfilled. In the end, however, we are lacking that happiness that we so desperately desire.

One of the reasons why we may be falling short in the happiness category is because we adapt to our surroundings quickly. When we buy something new, it is exciting but before long, it is just ordinary. That causes our satisfaction to dwindle and we are soon out again, looking for the next big purchase. We get stuck in a rut and the process is just repeated in a never-ending cycle.

As it turns out, life doesn’t have to be that way. Cornell University was the location for some research that showed how we can break from the cycle. It came from a Psychology professor, Thomas Gilovich. He showed that our happiness level increased when we bought new things but it also increased when we packed our bags and went on a trip. That was true, but there was an important difference. When we buy something, our happiness is short-lived. The memories of traveling, however, provide us with a higher level of happiness hormones that last.

We can experience those benefits by taking part in a variety of activities. Going on a trip is one that will appeal to many but it could also be learning something new, going to an unusual event or taking part in an extreme sport. When we buy something new, regardless of the price or size, the happiness we experience wears off. That is why you should continue to build up new experiences in life because they stick with you.

Reference: Fastcoexist

Source: Bright Side