Woman Shares Controversial Trick To Remember Her Baby’s In Back Seat — Not Everyone Loves It

We all know that life can be pretty hectic for a parent, and most of the time, we run around on “autopilot” as we repeat routine activities. Unfortunately, this “autopilot” mode is responsible for the injury and deaths of dozens of children each year, as many parents and guardians forget their kids are in their vehicles! And during summertime, this problem becomes even more dangerous as temperatures quickly reach over 100 degrees within minutes!

Heatstroke is a significant problem, and every year, authorities remind folks to be on the lookout for children and pets locked in hot cars. For most of us, autopilot mode comes naturally; unfortunately, it results in unimaginable tragedy for parents with small children. However, a mom named Kristy Wilson recently shared an idea she came up with to help remind her to check the backseat for her child.

One of Kristy’s Tiktok videos only shows her feat. The foot on the gas pedal has a sandal on it, while her left foot is bare.

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Precious cargo

TikTok Screengrab

In another clip, Kristy explains why she does this when she flips the camera around to show everyone her grandson sleeping in the back seat. Like many parents and guardians, Kristy is aware of the danger and uniquely addresses the issue. Here’s how her shoe plays a role in keeping her grandchild alive.

Hot Pavement

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The woman explains that she instantly knows she needs to check the back seat whenever she sets foot outside of her car. Kristy does this because whenever she feels the hot, uncomfortable pavement and remembers, her other shoe is in the backseat near the baby seat.

As Kristy puts on her other shoe, the camera pans over to her grandson.

Most folks support her

Most comments about her trick are very supportive. In their minds, whatever parents and guardians need to do to keep children safe is a good thing. Out of 11,000 comments, most folks have nothing but good things to say about Kristy’s efforts.

The backseat quarterbacks

Unfortunately, not everyone thought Kristy was a good grandparent. A few couldn’t understand how anyone could forget a child in a hot car. They had zero empathy for struggling parents and guardians and felt that they were above making such mistakes.

However, since 1990, over 1000 children have died from vehicular heatstroke, according to USA Today.


Similar tactics

A few commenters remarked that they use similar strategies to help them remember they have kids in the backseat. Many said they use items like wallets, purses, car keys (for those with push-start), or other objects they would notice they didn’t have immediately after leaving their vehicles.

You can watch Kristy’s full video below.


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Big smile for safety

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The end of the video features Kristy’s happy, adorable grandson giving everyone a big smile — reminding all of us that at the end of the day, it’s all about saving lives. I applaud Kristy and all parents who do whatever they need to do so that they can ensure the health and safety of their little ones.

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