3 Unknown Facebook Commenting Secrets You Need To Know

It doesn’t matter where or when you look around, it seems as if you are going to see someone on their cell phone, checking out the latest on the Facebook feed. It seems to be somewhat of an obsession for some but regardless of who we are, we rely on that technology from day to day. What you might not know is that there are some special secrets about commenting.

Sometimes it happens by accident. You type something as a comment on the screen and suddenly, you see something move across the screen in the most wonderful way. In fact, you might even say that it is quite sweet and it takes may of us by surprise when we see it the first time.

Would you like to see hearts float up on the facebook screen or perhaps thumbs up? How would you like to see some balloons floating by on facebook or maybe throw some confetti? It is more than just a dream, it is something new on facebook and when you comment in the right way, incredible things can happen. In fact, it might just change the way you use facebook on a day by day basis.

If you are someone who loves technology, or even if you just happen to love facebook and what it can do, there are many options that are going to really put a smile on your face. Look down through this list and give it a try. You might just see that tiny miracles are happening, right before your eyes.

1. Confetti and Balloons

If you want to see confetti and balloons, just leave a comment that says “Congrats”. You can also leave it as your status. It is really uplifting to see balloons and confetti and you are sure to smile over this one.

There may be some significance to the color of balloons in some cases but when it comes to Facebook, it is all about fun!

2. Tiny Hearts

Have you ever sent hugs and kisses to your friends and family? If you do it now by typing in XOXO you are in for a surprise. Tiny hearts will fill your screen.

3. Thumbs Up

If you want some thumbs up to fill the screen instead, type in the word “Rad”. You will be amazed and love it so much, you will continue to do it over and over again.

We love Facebook and anytime they make something cool like this, it is sure to be shared. Make someone’s day today and put a smile on your own face with these tips.

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