How Many People Do You See In This Picture? You Should Count Again

Are you somebody that tends to be aware of the world around you? I think that most people would say they are observant but when you really stop to think about it, when was the last time you missed details that needed to be seen?

Admittedly, we were designed to see things quickly so we could make decisions that would, at times, save our lives. When we take something in at first glance, we do so in a way that gathers as much information as needed but it doesn’t necessarily gather all of the details.

Maybe that is why so many people were getting the following simple puzzle wrong. It’s a picture of some people standing in line at a circus, but the number of people that are in line seems to be elusive.

See for yourself in this picture. How many people do you see in total? Count them carefully and then check the following page to see how many there really are.