Do You Own A Little Mermaid VHS? Prepare To Do A Happy Dance

There are many things that we may remember about our childhood and sometimes, we may still hold onto those items, even though we have not been a child for many, many years. It is a form of nostalgia and in many cases, it means that we are stockpiling things that we really don’t need, will never see again and, if we should happen to throw them out, it would be devastating to us.

Some of those items may be in a category that is known as useless, because they are old technology that we don’t even use any longer. For example, today we may stream Netflix on a regular basis and we watch almost everything as a downloaded movie rather than renting some type of disk or tape. Perhaps we are old enough to remember the days when we used a VHS tape and popped it in the VCR when we wanted to watch a movie. If you can remember those days and are a nostalgic individual, you might just be in luck.

You remember all of the Disney movies that were coming out when VHS was popular? It seemed as if a new movie was coming out almost every few months, and we likely rushed to the store to pick up the new copy when it was released. If you are one of those who happen to be quick on the drawl when it comes to buying a tape, you may just be sitting on a lot of money.

If you have an old pile of VHS Disney tapes, why not take a look through it because you may be sitting on a considerable amount of money.

As a matter of fact, if you happen to own an original copy of The Little Mermaid, you may just want to start doing a happy dance now.

There may be some value to any VHS copy of The Little Mermaid but if you happen to have one from the Black Diamond Collection, it may be even more valuable.

When you take a look at eBay, you will see that some black diamond collection tapes are being sold for an extraordinary amount of money and The Little Mermaid is at the top of the list. It has to do with a small problem on the cover art.

When The Little Mermaid was released in 1989, it was only seen in the theaters but then in May 1990, Disney released it on VHS as a part of the classic line.

It wasn’t long after the tape hit the shelves that a controversy took place. This is due to a phallic shaped object that was seen on the front of the Golden Castle.

According to the designer, it was purely an accident but Disney tried to snag as many of the copies as they could from the shelves.

They were too late! By the time the recall took place, many people had already purchased a copy.

If you are one of the few that has a copy with the original design, you may be able to make quite a bit of money. This rare version has been seen for sale on eBay for thousands of dollars.

One seller has it listed for almost $8000!

Considering the fact that they may be remaking The Little Mermaid, the price may even go higher. Of course, if you don’t have The Little Mermaid, you can always sell The Lion King and pocket about $4000.

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