How to Grow a Small Garden Right Out of Potting Soil Bags

I grew up in the city and although my dad enjoyed working in the yard when we had one (we often lived in apartments), I never learned to garden. However, I live in the country now and my wife is an avid gardener. She says she would love it if I got into gardening and I suspect that’s because she knows I’d be down to help with some of the heavy lifting. Hey, if it’s about good food, I’m here for it, so why not? We do have the space for a garden, but the dedicated garden area is huge and a bit overgrown.

However, another idea is container gardening. If you’re wanting to grow just a few veggies, you can put some things in containers. For example, many herbs grow wonderfully in a container, and smaller plants like cherry tomato plants could do the same. Also, lettuce will grow nearly anywhere you plant it. One lady named Julie Morgan posted a post to Facebook and she is planting directly into the potting soil bags. She said that this method is a great way to garden in a way that’s weed-free. The plastic that the soil comes in will keep weeds from cropping up through your delicious plants.


Julie says that her method works great for things like lettuce and spinach, but she also grows radishes. I happen to know that this would work equally well for herbs of many kinds, especially those that travel like mint. Julie says to rumple up the bag some to loosen the soil, then lay it down on a smooth surface that will allow some drainage. Cut out the top, but leave a border of about four to five inches around it. Poke a lot of holes through the bottom using something like a knife or an ice pick. Then plant your seeds to the required depth according to the seed packets.

To harvest your home-grown goodness, just cut off what you need, and it will grow back magically. Enjoy!

Image: Pixabay