5 Tips You Need To Know To Stop An Anxiety Attack

Although we may face many difficulties in life, one that is common among many people is having anxiety attacks. Anxiety is a frustrating part of life for most people but wanted occurs as an anxiety attack, it truly takes things to the next level. This is a plague for some individuals who suffer from one anxiety attack after another. Even if you only have a single attack, however, it can be life-altering.

Anxiety is sometimes defined as being an intense worry or fear about a specific problem, event or situation. The symptoms may vary from one individual to another but can include ongoing negative thoughts, restlessness and even physical manifestations, such as sweating, trembling and a rapid heart rate. Some people feel as if they are out of control with worry and are unable to stop it.

Fortunately, there are simple, practical tactics that can be used to regain control of your thought and stop the anxiety. One mother recently took to Reddit to share this list of tips that work for her and her son.

These tips use a method that is known as grounding. This enables an individual to calm themselves without medicating.

1. Look around you
2. Find 5 things you can see
3. Find 4 things you can touch
4. Find 3 things you can hear
5. Find 2 things you can smell
6. Find 1 thing you could taste.

Each line on the list encourages the individual to focus on something they can see, feel, touch and taste. It creates a distraction for the brain that tends to be working too hard.

When you focus on sensory feelings, it calms the brain and helps people to see the world around them in a different way.

This mother’s post received an overwhelming reaction. People have a lot of positive things to say, including the following:

The next time you are dealing with anxiety, remember this list of tips. You might just be on your way to feeling much better quickly.